About Gurudham

Om Shree Trikuta Gurudham Nepal is a very higher vibrational Spiritual Center for ‘Enlightenment’ with its main center currently located in Chhakdol, Swoyambhu Kathmandu Nepal. The center is established under the Supreme Divine Guidance and Blessing of Param Guru Trikutananda for the Real Awakening of the individuals and present the spiritual seekers the true spirituality towards achieving the Ultimate State of Consciousness. Besides, breaking all the ignorance and misunderstandings in the peoples about spirituality and regenerate the pure soul again with their journey from human Consciousness to Sub-consciousness, Soul Consciousness and supreme Soul Consciousness and finally to the Real Awakening State.

Om Shree Trikuta Gurudham Nepal (OSTGD) and its associated spiritual and healing centers are the internationally renowned organizations for Spirituality, Alternative Medicine Therapies as well as its work and services for humanity and the whole nature. OSTGD is working for creation of a healthy, prosperous, joyful and enlightened community with the help of practical techniques and Courses from Satya Marga (The path of Ultimate Truth) as well as other different therapeutic and alternative medicine therapies.

Om Shree Trikuta Gurudham welcomes everyone seeking-

  • liberation from Physical problems, Mental in-harmonies, Emotional problems as well as Spiritual ignorance.
  • Study, Learning & Insight.
  • Introspection and self purification.
  • Intensive practice of Yoga, Pranayam & Higher level of meditation.
  • Spiritual Rejuvenation.
  • Experience of higher dimension energy and presence of God/Goddess, Siddhas and Gurus
  • Self Realization
  • and much more…